Thursday 28 March 2013

The Dachshund with the Big Family

This photograph of a Dachshund with his very large family was taken by Gebrüder Brändlein in Schweinfurt, Germany. Schweinfurt literally translates as "swine ford" - there is an ancient story about pigs crossing the once shallow Main River, on the bank of which Schweinfurt would eventually be built.

The photograph is a great example of how scanning an old photograph can provide a fresh perspective on and image, and show you things you would perhaps never have seen with the naked eye. Allow me to demonstrate...

The mother in the image is carefully working on her knitting.

The Dachshund and one of the little girls are framed by two figurines, one of a cat and one of a little girl in a bonnet with a basket.

This little girl holds a favourite curly-haired doll.

Not only can we take a closer look at the relationship between mother and daughter, but we can see the mother wears a brooch with a winged-cupid holding a lute.



  1. Love this photograph, that's a lot of daughters! I like the way you pointed out some of the details in the photo as it is a very busy photo and difficult to notice some of the smaller details.

  2. What a great Cabinet Card..a really one of a kind photograph so busy and wonderful:)