Sunday 3 March 2013

The Much Loved Pug

The plain studio backdrop in this image highlights the subjects in the foreground, and their close relationship. This well dressed, fur-clad lady has a clear affection for her pug, who himself is so contented, he has his eyes closed as she holds him. As smartly dressed as his owner, the Pug wears a studded leather collar with a little bell.

Author Robert Leighton said in 1910 "What ever may have been the history of the Pug as regards its nativity, it had not long been introduced into England before it became a popular pet, and it shared with the King Charles Spaniel the affection of the great ladies of the lands. Queen Victoria possessed one of which she was very proud."

The photograph was taken at No. 19 Hill Street, Richmond, London by Byrne & Co.

Here is a postcard of Hill Street c1880-1900, looking very closely at the multitude of street signs and business placards, amazingly I was able to find a sign for the Byrne & Co. Studio and their "Electric Light Studio".

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