Recommeded Reading

Below is a list of books I have found useful for research. This list is updated regularly -please check back often.

Dogs & Photography

These were our Dogs, Libby Hall

Prince and Other Dogs II, Libby Hall

Prince and Other Dogs 1850-1940, Libby Hall

Dogs, William Wegman

Photography History & Dating   

 Dating Old Photographs, Robert Pols

An overview of early photographic techniques from the birth of photography to early Kodak snapshots. Some illustrated examples of different photographs but mostly text. There is a handy dating chart in the back pages.


Fashion a la Carte, 1860-1900: A Study of Fashion Through Cartes-de-viste , Avril Lansdell

A unique view on Victorian fashion history as seen in the medium of CDV photographs. A very interesting read with lots of black and white photographs

Historic Dog Books

Dogs and All About Them, Robert Leighton

This book was published in 1910 and contains an overview of all the major breed groups, including their history and breed standards for the era. You can find a free e-book of this book here.