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Feedback from some of my loyal readers around the world...

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"Hi, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your site. I'm a rottweiler owner. If you have any of that breed in your collection, please post one day. Thanks and great site!"
- Capper, Septemeber 2014, Philippines

"I discovered your blog, it is very nice and interesting...Good continuation in your passion." -Stéphane, June 2014, France

"Thank you for sharing this informative blog with us. Keep sharing.
-Lisa, November 2013, Auckland, New Zealand 

"My favourite old photos are children with pets. They are so sweet and trusting. Some things never change.
-Teresa, March 2013, Florida, USA

"Lauren, what a great concept for a photo blog! Your commentary is informative--great way for readers to learn a bit more about history through photography... Best wishes as you continue blogging."
-Jacqi, February 2013, California, USA

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