Friday 19 April 2013

Billy the Setter from Boston

Here we have a Setter with a beautiful shiny coat photographed whilst lying on an patterned rug. The photograph was taken by William Shaw Warren who was one of the most prolific photographers of the carte-de-visite era. This particular photograph was taken at Warren's studio on 41 Winter Street, Boston, c1880's

Antique Postcard of Winter Street, Boston

On the reverse of the photograph it has been at two points in its existence been annotated. Once to note "Our dog Billy" and then a second time to note "annies dog".

Edward Jesse wrote of the setter in 1858:

The old English setter, was originally derived from a cross between the Spanish Pointer and the large Water Spaniel, and was justly celebrated for his fine scent. He is more attractive than the pointer, but has not so much patient steadiness.


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