Friday 1 February 2013

The Pug and The Cook

Here we have an example of an "occupational" photograph. It was not often that people were photographed in their work clothing, what we have here is a Cook who was proud enough of his profession to have his portrait taken in his white uniform. He is accompanied by his Pug who lies on the table beside him.

We can but speculate on the identity of the fine restaurant or high class home that this gentlemen worked at. However, we do know a little about the photographer - E. W. Procktor.

Edwin William Procktor was born in Stepney in 1839. He had a wife Elizabeth and they has two sons and two daughters together. The Cook and his Pug were photographed at Edwin's studio at 90 Edgware Road London. This studio was run by Edwin from 1873 until his death in 1881, after which the Studio was taken over by Elizabeth who was resident photographer until the studio closed in 1889.

The reverse of the photograph


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